Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Wild Wild Wessss

Three More participated in an Obrigado shoot this past week. The theme was "The Wild West" - well actually, there was more to it than that but you'll have to pick up your copy of Obrigado in October to read more about that.

The great thing about Obrigado shoots is that you run into some old friends and acquaintances that you normally wouldn't see anymore. First one on the scene was Heather "Honey B" Nel (pictured below article with Miles "The Hitman" Keylock of Heather had her own record launch the night before.

Also in through the day were Dave Ferguson, EJ from Godessa (pictured being pictured right)Dave's beautiful mug adorns the cover of this month's Big Issue (I think "Homeless Dave" is a great name for his stage show, but I'm too scared to suggest it.)

The permanently on-tour Farrell Purkiss was around for most of the afternoon as well. Also part of the project (but shot on a different day) were Valiant Swart and Teba, and I believe the band Mama Know Nothing, whom I've personally not met yet.

The White Guys had some impressions of the day:

Frank Ellis: It was fun to get dressed up and be part of a narrative. It’s the closest I’ve come to my dream of being on Broadway.

Artur Pereira: Even though my time at the shoot was limited to one set-up, I had fun. The costume people were prepared well, and they had all the right sizes we requested. The mood was relaxed, but still professional, and everyone felt at ease with the shoot. Was a pleasurable experience of which I look forward to possible others.

Steve Smith: I do believe Art might possibly be the politest drummer that ever lived. Art "Polite" Pereira.

Artur Periera: OK, how about this: It was cool. Had a blast flirting with the saloon girl while wearing gear normally associated with themed swingers parties.
Steve Smith: For several reasons, I’d never worn leather chaps before. And I’ll tell you right now, I goddamn loved it. A man walks differently in leather chaps. He walks with a swagger. He talks differently too. All in all the shoot was pretty cool. We got free beer. That’s cool. I also got to beat 10 kinds of crap out of a guitar-twanging folk singer in the bar-fight scene. That was cool too. I didn’t have as good a time as Frank though. For the final shot he had to stand with his arm around Corset Girl. Wait until you see Corset Girl. Damn. Yep... corsets... they certainly do put everything into perspective.

Look out for a behind the scenes video and interviews, etc. on Obrigado's website as well as

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