Thursday, October 22, 2009

Marshall interviewed on health 24

Story by Andreas Spath

For the full article go here:,52993.asp



One guy who doesn't beat about the bush when it comes to mantits is Anton Marshall, front man for the Cape Town band Three More White Guys. He actually sings about them!

Marshall: "Our song Mantits is really about the pressure all large people - or out-of-shape people - feel. Most people don't realise that in modern times guys are under as much pressure as women to have a flat stomach and chiselled chest. Take a look at a magazine and you'll see all the images being thrown at us about what we're supposed to look like. I was looking at one of those celebrity gossip rags and I remember thinking: 'Man, that crap you're saying about Jack Nicholson's boobs is such bullshit. The guy's 70! He's my granddad!'"

ManZone: Do you think moobs are a big personal issue for many guys?

Marshall: "Yeah I think there's a ton of ways people get ostracised and being differently shaped or overweight are just two of them. In my experience, men seem to do one of two things with the mantits issue: they either wear it like a badge or they completely retreat within it. There just doesn't seem to be any middle ground. Ultimately, wellbeing is about more than just mantits though. It's about feeling good about who you are."

ManZone: Any advice for dudes with man boobs? Do we embrace them, take them to gym or to the plastic surgeon?

Marshall: "All and none of the above. It won't do you any good to do anything without first deciding that there's something wrong or right with it. I've personally come to accept that I'll always have the potential to be overweight and out of shape. So I deal with that danger my way. I personally wouldn't consider surgery right now. Or gym, to be honest. But I do feel I'm in control of my body at the moment and I'm just fine with that."



Sunday, October 11, 2009

Artur Pereira: I wanna vomit and the reason why...

Well. It was one hell of a windy Friday night here in "good ol'" Cape Town. Damn I hate the wind. I hate it it so so so much, that it makes my life a hell when I have gigs. Basically, I am now buggered. I am sitting at home after 2 gigs, wanting to hurl all over the show while in boxers, a thermal shirt and these surprisingly comfortable woolen sock/slipper vibes my awesome mother made me and all I can think about is how difficult it would be to clean my keyboard if I vommed all over it.

But first, the reason for this feeling is the two pretty frikken awesome gigs I had tonight.

First up, Anton and myself set up what we had at Speedway Cafe (great place. go there) and chilled till Frank arrived. We ordered chow, had a look at his brilliant new ink and then proceeded to make funny comments at Ftv, which was a huge laugh. Steve pitched up, and we got the rest of the gear and completed the setup. My amazing girlfriend brought buttloads of peeps who all had the steak (which is awesome and you should try it! I had the 'weener shitzel').

So, before we started, Anton gave me the second mic. Just in case you didn't get that, I shall repeat: HE. GAVE. ME. THE. SECOND. MIC. Which meant, the three of them shared one! Normally this is a grave mistake if you know what I am like, but I frikken rocked that microphone! Nobody complained! So, if you DO know me, that is quite something! It has been a long time since I laughed that much during a show!

Once we completed a rocking set (rock 'n roll band. Can only be rocking), we had to strike everything and I packed my kit and the PA in my car and I went home to drop the PA and my kick drum off. I put some shorts on, changed my hoodie, had a candy apricot vibe, got in my car and headed to R.O.A.R for V.O.L's gig.

I got there as Pariah Born just finished their set where the drummer threw his cymbals all over the place out of anger. Dismantling the Architects (Kev's other band which kicks maximum ass) played after them. Got to bump into old buddies, had cool chats, was told about a surprisingly great response of my drum workshop by the owner of Paul Bothners (YAY!!!) and was in a rather chipper mood. Not bad vibes from me at all. Even Jon said something about it. Miggs was Miggs, too cool and slick for school.

Now, our turn. Started setting up and Niel was helpful as ever. He is a legend and if I ever had to pick an engineer to tour with me (if I ever make it "big"), it would be Niel! He kicks ass on drums too. ANYWAY! We started, and I haven't played that hard since I was about 23. It was mental! Kev set a rad vibe on stage and the crowd actually grew during our set instead of thinning out. Which was AWESOME! But holy crap! I was sweating though, I even drank the rest of Kev's Hunters jug! Serious cottonmouth.

We finished. Packed my shit, said my cheerios and headed home where I proceeded to fight the wind again in getting my gear inside, got in the bath and here I am! Throbbing head, turning stomach and visions of spewing chunks all over my gorgeous mac!

And it feels good.

PS: Excuse the spelling and grammar and whatever. Too tired to even proof read. Not that I proof read anyway. My fingers hurt.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

7 October 2009. My first drum workshop

Well, the day finally came. I was asked to do a drum workshop. And for it, I practiced almost everyday working on a composition for it. Mixed it up, sweated but I was getting ready.

Poster advertising the workshops

On the day.
I woke up, late, with a sore and sniff neck and left shoulder and it was raining outside. Now, anywhere in the world, that doesn't mean much. In Cape Town, it spells DISASTER! Nobody in this town goes out when it rains, even if it has rained, but isn't any more. they get scared at the sight of water!

So, with a stiff next and shoulder, I got my gear and went to Bothners. Got there and they made me feel like a real drummer. they set the kit up, set up a mic and a whole bunch of seats for the people that didn't come. And there is me, adjusting the kit while trying to nurse my neck. Kit felt wierd to play since I have been practicing with mine all this time.

View from the back row before people were there

Time comes and people walk in. The crowd consisted of a drummer/photographer, his singer girlfriend, a learner drummer and the guy giving him lessons, a buddy that has been playing for ages, a few store staff members, my family and my girlfriend with her dad. Not what you would want. The ratio of family to drummers was too high.

So I started. Immediately I felt uncomfortable by mincing my words and probably speaking what could only be termed as gobbildy goop. I played the composition I worked on, stuffed up a few parts because I was uncomfortable and then proceeded to explain, in depth, what everyone knew already. Then the questions and answers where I tried to be funny and then did a solo which was shockingly aweful (in my eyes) and then finished embarrassed and thinking that the owner was about to say "we are taking back the money we paid you for this."

Did I forget to tell you that I forgot to give Danielle the camera so she could take pictures and a little bit of video footage? Yes? Well, I forgot to give Danielle the camera so she could take pictures and a little bit of video footage. Shows you where my head was. I also forgot to talk about other important stuff.

So, all in all, it was an uncomfortable experience for me and no matter what people say, I will always feel that I played badly and that those people could have done something better to do than watch me trying to pull off being a drummer.

The pictures are what I took before I started.

I hope that they ask me to do it again one day, and I will come in better prepared. But tonight, I just want to forget.

So, to those people that didn't come through... thank you.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Three More go to Mercury

2009-10-22 (Thursday)

Cover Charge: R20


Mercury Live

43 De Villiers Street, Zonnebloem




Three more swing into the Mercury Lounge to welcome in the summer season and celebrate their first birthday as THREE MORE. Yes, it was just about a year ago that Three Bored became the “more” at this very venue. DJ Sideshow heats the night up even more with the similarly inventive SIDESHOW SHUFFLE party.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Three More White Guys hit the Speedway 105 once more on Friday 09 October 2009. Drop by for some fun fun fun - and daddy ain't gonna take your T-Bird away this time.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A new hope

We’ve decided to officially embark on a brand new material drive, complete with (hopefully) a new mini-album recording to show for it by year’s end.

This will be all-new songs, in a new(ish) sound and with some new surprises to the mix.


Good luck, whites.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Now this.....

From: Steve Smith


.... is what you call a drum kit.

It’s what this band needs to take it to the next level.

Art. Buy a roof rack.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ian Henderson’s project comes to a close this month. Steve and I are in it!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Facebook | White lightnin' strikes twice

White lightnin' strikes twice. ...on the same night, and without warning18 reasons to join the gym and love thy neighbor.Cape Town’s dirty country heroes Three More White Guys plays a lowdown dirty set for lovers and fighters.

Speedway 105, The Old Tafelberg Tavern, Off Hope Street, Cape Town

Facebook White lightnin' strikes twice

Why White Men Get Paid More - or Why This Band May be Screwed Out Of The Blocks

"Despite advances in parity in recent decades, white men in America on average still get paid more than women and minorities for doing the same work, by some accounts about 20 to 25 percent more.
A new study finds one reason: In satisfaction surveys, store customers and medical patients say they prefer white men, and managers frequently hire and set pay based on customer preferences."

Why White Men Get Paid More LiveScience

Facebook | Photos of "The Song's the Thing"

Some cool pics from "The Song is The Thing", a singer-songwriters show that featured Ian Henderson, Josh Grierson, Steve Smith and me.
Facebook Photos of you

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sixty eight things I hate about my little Camaro

Came across this random jitbit. The Camaro may be spoken about in boy circles like a bit of a wich item, but here's a sobering little list of things that owners of new Camaros have reported.

Consumerist - Buying A 2010 Chevy Camaro? Take This 68-Point Checklist With You - Camaro

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PRESS RELEASE: American Music Gets Thumbs Up From City Rock n' Rollers

American Music Gets Thumbs Up From City Rock n' Rollers

July 4 is America's Independence Day. Cape Town band Three More White Guys is acknowledging the profound influence of American music on world culture by hosting "The Americanos Party" on July 3.

"We've always been a band firmly rooted in Americana." says Anton Marshall, bassist and vocalist for the band, which was founded in 2002. "We started playing together as a country band at a corner bar called Crazy Cats, where the music of choice was country, blues, rockabilly and so on, and we've remained true to those basic roots through the years.

"I would say that of all the things America gave the world, music was probably the most influential. And I don't just mean rock music. This party celebrates roots country, blues, rock n' roll, rockabilly, swing, big band, jazz... and the djs will make sure you hear some of everything at the party."

The event takes place at Mercury Live in de Villiers Street in Zonnebloem. The band will play an original set, and is supported by Djs Marshall One and The Hammer, who will both play a unique set of classic American tunes from the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties. Entrance is R20 before 9pm and R30 thereafter.

More details on the Facebook group "Even More White Guys", or e-mail

Monday, June 22, 2009

Three More do it again!

One great band, two great specialist DJs. Not your usual Friday night. Please forward to friends, family, pets and celebrities.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cape Town Nerve Pinch: the Artur Pereira story

By Art:
The past month or say has been a month of struggle. A month of turmoil. A month of bad luck and pain, but mostly a month of events!

Our drummer, the Art Department, has fallen prey to what the folk in our circle generally call "a kak one", or more colloquially termed "a nerve pinch". In the buttocks to precise on its round about area of exploitation. What has been found to cause this "kak one" so happens to be the draded Car-seat!

AD had an accident in his Fiesta which forced it to go into intensive care for three weeks, and as a result he had what is termed "a loaner". This "loaner" is what gave him the "kak one". You see, AD's achilles heel is seats, which doesn't bode well for him since he spends most of his time sitting on his ass behind a drumkit. But what get's to him is the unfamiliar. Any seat of which he is not accustomed to gives him the "kak one", so this resulted him in limping around like a 90 year old with a bum hip or "gammie leg". It was painful, and influenced the heavy decision of cancelling some practices and forcing woman to carry his heavy gear.

But, his Fiesta is back and the pain is subsiding and he shall be back to normal any time now. We are expecting the "kak one" to be all but eradicated by this week Friday!

When next you see the White Guys perform, give him axtra attention, not only does he deserve it, but because he is retarded.

See you on the folk mosh pit!

Artur Pereira


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Give us a sip willya?

Short White Plays: Turkmenistan

(with special guest Tina)
Anton: I am planning to invade Turkmenistan. It must be good for something.
Tina: Turkmenistan Delight!

Short White Plays: School Night

Steve: I'll be a few minutes late as we have a parents' meeting at the school.

Artur: Cool! Parents meeting! Shout out that porn is being taught at school and that you want swordfighting as sport option!

Short White Plays: 'Coon on a stick

Art: We gots a stove but the conector is wrong. we gotsta haul in a kinda adapter fir the dang contraption.

Steve: Shucks cain't ya just put yer one finger in the one socket.... and yer other finger in the other socket.... and then start yer cookin'?

Art: I never thunk it laak thaiet. Ima gonna give it go i rekon.
Steve: Shee-it. Whuts that smell?
Frank: Sheeeit... Ah thot ah rekonized that there smell... That's whut cuzin zeek smeled laak wen he rode the litenin over at Singsing...
Steve: Dang. You got that right Frankie. I'll lick a bison's balls if that don't smell just like that time we done cooked racoon on a stick.
Art: I laaked that there racoon thaeit yas done cooked.
Frank: 'coon on a stik shur dus giv yoo the gas tho.....
Steve: I reckon you musta stuck yer 'coon on the wrong way there son. You start nibblin' on the butt and you sure as shee-it gonna get gas. Grampa John-Boy-Bob-Billy always told us.

Art: Weeeell aint that sumthin - he be maa grampa too like!
Steve: Art-Bob.... is that you! Hey Frank-Bob!...... It's Art-Bob!!!!! He's alive!!! Shee-it.... When that 'gator dragged you off by the balls, I thought fir sure you was a gonner.

Artur: Yup, i almost done was been a goner firshir!But what i deed wuz gave that there gator a fat keeeeus on them there lips then stuck muh smith n wesson up the nostril laak and blew the gator bastards brain clean outta them there head n all.

Had some belle leek muh wounds like then 7 days later we done gotten married

She left me
Steve: Yeah well... cousin Belle sure does like to move around some. Shee-it.... spit.... Art-Bob it sure is good to know yer still alive. Does that mean yer wants yer banjo back?
Art: Nah, i gots a drumkit now, speekin of witch, see ya at the camp later some.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wednesday Night Backup: A Night of Crampions

Three More White Guys return to the Mercury Lounge for a midweek drink and cry. Joining us will be one of the original White Grandaddy Macs, Mr. Greg Donnelly(The Dolly Rockers, Three Bored White Guys), premiering his new solo work... and who knows what else?
This will be fun. Spoke to the Donnellator on the phone and he's been busy writing, so it'll be cool to hearthe new material.
Maybe we can even convince him to do ne or two of the old songs. We'll see...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's Heave

[Newsletter 06 Jan 200]

Hi Everybody

Been a while since I sent shout out to you all, but what with season and work and non-work and holidays and regrouping and all that, well, you needed the break.

First off, thanks to those of you that made it to Kinda White Xmas. What a great time. I have to say that that was the show that made it all come together for me. The first few months of a band is very much about trying stuff out and seeing what works and what doesn't, taking stuff out and putting other stuff in and so on. But I think KWC, being our fourth show, got it right. The set has basically been doubled, so in effect the lads worked really hard in bouncing from 35 minutes to just over an hour. They only had two weeks to do it too.

In any event, if you haven't been to the blog lately, there are some funny pics up, and some random new thoughts here and there.

The next OFFICIAL show will be the Southern Ink Xposure Tattoo Convention show on Jan 23. We will be alongside Andy Lund, Them Tornados, Martin Rocka and the Sick Shop, amongst others. You cannot miss this one.

If you've recently come across a venue that you think may benefit from a White Guys show (spin it, see?) drop us a line. Also, if you've got a birthday coming up or whatever, we may be able to play some tunes at your party (available to mailing list members only – spin, spin.) . Let us know.

Join the "Even More White Guys" group on Facebook.

Three More White Guys's Fan Box