Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cape Town Nerve Pinch: the Artur Pereira story

By Art:
The past month or say has been a month of struggle. A month of turmoil. A month of bad luck and pain, but mostly a month of events!

Our drummer, the Art Department, has fallen prey to what the folk in our circle generally call "a kak one", or more colloquially termed "a nerve pinch". In the buttocks to precise on its round about area of exploitation. What has been found to cause this "kak one" so happens to be the draded Car-seat!

AD had an accident in his Fiesta which forced it to go into intensive care for three weeks, and as a result he had what is termed "a loaner". This "loaner" is what gave him the "kak one". You see, AD's achilles heel is seats, which doesn't bode well for him since he spends most of his time sitting on his ass behind a drumkit. But what get's to him is the unfamiliar. Any seat of which he is not accustomed to gives him the "kak one", so this resulted him in limping around like a 90 year old with a bum hip or "gammie leg". It was painful, and influenced the heavy decision of cancelling some practices and forcing woman to carry his heavy gear.

But, his Fiesta is back and the pain is subsiding and he shall be back to normal any time now. We are expecting the "kak one" to be all but eradicated by this week Friday!

When next you see the White Guys perform, give him axtra attention, not only does he deserve it, but because he is retarded.

See you on the folk mosh pit!

Artur Pereira


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