Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PRESS RELEASE: American Music Gets Thumbs Up From City Rock n' Rollers

American Music Gets Thumbs Up From City Rock n' Rollers

July 4 is America's Independence Day. Cape Town band Three More White Guys is acknowledging the profound influence of American music on world culture by hosting "The Americanos Party" on July 3.

"We've always been a band firmly rooted in Americana." says Anton Marshall, bassist and vocalist for the band, which was founded in 2002. "We started playing together as a country band at a corner bar called Crazy Cats, where the music of choice was country, blues, rockabilly and so on, and we've remained true to those basic roots through the years.

"I would say that of all the things America gave the world, music was probably the most influential. And I don't just mean rock music. This party celebrates roots country, blues, rock n' roll, rockabilly, swing, big band, jazz... and the djs will make sure you hear some of everything at the party."

The event takes place at Mercury Live in de Villiers Street in Zonnebloem. The band will play an original set, and is supported by Djs Marshall One and The Hammer, who will both play a unique set of classic American tunes from the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties. Entrance is R20 before 9pm and R30 thereafter.

More details on the Facebook group "Even More White Guys", or e-mail whitelist@antonmarshall.co.za.

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