Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reconciliation Day

I was honoured to be asked by to be in the Koos Kombuis video "Reconciliation Day", which was shot for 24 by director Richard Finn Gregory.

I was even more surprised and honoured that 24 made such a mention of the players that came on board to play the part of "the band": myself, drummer Anthony Theunissen and guitarist Gerrit Aalbers. I was really expecting us to be just filling up space, but it turns out the band plays a strong role in the storyboard.

Anthony (pictured) and Gerrit are top-class musicians and really nice guys, and at one stage someone said we looked so good as the band we should form a Koos Kombuis tribute outfit. Watch this space! The other running joke for my part is that I was there "playing the role of" Francois Blom, which is no small task I assure you. I asked for a wig to make the transition smoother but none was forthcoming. but now I have to be sure to avoid K.O.B.U.S. backstage at the next festival, or I won’t hear the end of it.

Koos happens to like the White Guys' "I Can't Find a Single Hook To Pin These Lyrics On". I gave him a CD about a year ago, so it was cool that he remembered it. Kept taking the mickey all the way through the shoot.

It's been said emphatically over at, so just to reiterate that it's amazing to see volunteers put in so much effort on a shoestring budget. And of course, there's a hell of a lot to be said for HOW 24 went about this. I should probably write up a piece on that. Suffice to say for now it progresses the philosophy held by The White Guys (and others like our stablemates Taxi Violence) that there's a lot that can be done for the love of it.

Respect to all that starred in, contributed to, and made possible, our very own "Reconciliation Day".

Photos by Lauren Clifford Holmes



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Type1 said...

They asked me to be on this, but confirmed too late. Glad to see Antonio got the gig. He is an awesome guy and an old friend.

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