Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The White Advice: White Guys The Movie

Here's a question: If you were to direct a movie of the famous life of 'the whites', who would play each of you? i know i always ask this, but it's a good one...

-CB, submitted via email.


Mmmmm, toughy. Do I make myself look all buff and stuff and get Vin Diesel? No. Because I don't like him much. Do I go for looks? If so, it would be what chicks would want and I don't think Brad Pitt looks like me. So I will have to go for Edward Norton. He looks just as weasel as I do, and I think he is good enough to learn the drums for a role.


I would play myself.
or, failing that...

Anton – Sidney Poitier,Steve - Sidney Poitier, Art - Sidney Poitier ,Frank - Sidney Poitier.

You know, like those movies that Eddie Murphy does where he plays all the characters.


Larry Fishburne. And then, in the Klingon version, Danny Glover.


Anton: Cate Blanchett... if she can play Dylan, she play Marshall. Art: Robert De Niro... small, wiry, and able to go punk on yo ass at the drop of a hat. Frank: Ewan McGregor... likes facial hair. And motorbikes. Also been to outer space. Steve: Steve McQueen... Same name. And same savoir faire. But mostly same name.

Art (ctd):

Anton - no clue. Louis Gosset Jr? Frank - Sam Eliot. Steve - That guy that played 2 face in the Dark Knight,


You Knighted Artists presents a film by Milos Froman
Frank Ellis - Edward Norton - Cate Blanchett
with that guy that played Twoface in the Dark Knight

and Sidney Poitier
director of photography Steve Irwin's former cameraman
story and screenplay by Oliver Gallstones
directed by Milos Froman


jezebel said...

oh you boys! beautiful! art everywhere (the creative occupation, not the drummer)

watch. WATCH. it's going to turn into something. i bet you a lollipop. even though i can't spell it.

Carolyn said...

what? no hugh grant?!

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