Thursday, October 8, 2009

7 October 2009. My first drum workshop

Well, the day finally came. I was asked to do a drum workshop. And for it, I practiced almost everyday working on a composition for it. Mixed it up, sweated but I was getting ready.

Poster advertising the workshops

On the day.
I woke up, late, with a sore and sniff neck and left shoulder and it was raining outside. Now, anywhere in the world, that doesn't mean much. In Cape Town, it spells DISASTER! Nobody in this town goes out when it rains, even if it has rained, but isn't any more. they get scared at the sight of water!

So, with a stiff next and shoulder, I got my gear and went to Bothners. Got there and they made me feel like a real drummer. they set the kit up, set up a mic and a whole bunch of seats for the people that didn't come. And there is me, adjusting the kit while trying to nurse my neck. Kit felt wierd to play since I have been practicing with mine all this time.

View from the back row before people were there

Time comes and people walk in. The crowd consisted of a drummer/photographer, his singer girlfriend, a learner drummer and the guy giving him lessons, a buddy that has been playing for ages, a few store staff members, my family and my girlfriend with her dad. Not what you would want. The ratio of family to drummers was too high.

So I started. Immediately I felt uncomfortable by mincing my words and probably speaking what could only be termed as gobbildy goop. I played the composition I worked on, stuffed up a few parts because I was uncomfortable and then proceeded to explain, in depth, what everyone knew already. Then the questions and answers where I tried to be funny and then did a solo which was shockingly aweful (in my eyes) and then finished embarrassed and thinking that the owner was about to say "we are taking back the money we paid you for this."

Did I forget to tell you that I forgot to give Danielle the camera so she could take pictures and a little bit of video footage? Yes? Well, I forgot to give Danielle the camera so she could take pictures and a little bit of video footage. Shows you where my head was. I also forgot to talk about other important stuff.

So, all in all, it was an uncomfortable experience for me and no matter what people say, I will always feel that I played badly and that those people could have done something better to do than watch me trying to pull off being a drummer.

The pictures are what I took before I started.

I hope that they ask me to do it again one day, and I will come in better prepared. But tonight, I just want to forget.

So, to those people that didn't come through... thank you.


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