Sunday, October 11, 2009

Artur Pereira: I wanna vomit and the reason why...

Well. It was one hell of a windy Friday night here in "good ol'" Cape Town. Damn I hate the wind. I hate it it so so so much, that it makes my life a hell when I have gigs. Basically, I am now buggered. I am sitting at home after 2 gigs, wanting to hurl all over the show while in boxers, a thermal shirt and these surprisingly comfortable woolen sock/slipper vibes my awesome mother made me and all I can think about is how difficult it would be to clean my keyboard if I vommed all over it.

But first, the reason for this feeling is the two pretty frikken awesome gigs I had tonight.

First up, Anton and myself set up what we had at Speedway Cafe (great place. go there) and chilled till Frank arrived. We ordered chow, had a look at his brilliant new ink and then proceeded to make funny comments at Ftv, which was a huge laugh. Steve pitched up, and we got the rest of the gear and completed the setup. My amazing girlfriend brought buttloads of peeps who all had the steak (which is awesome and you should try it! I had the 'weener shitzel').

So, before we started, Anton gave me the second mic. Just in case you didn't get that, I shall repeat: HE. GAVE. ME. THE. SECOND. MIC. Which meant, the three of them shared one! Normally this is a grave mistake if you know what I am like, but I frikken rocked that microphone! Nobody complained! So, if you DO know me, that is quite something! It has been a long time since I laughed that much during a show!

Once we completed a rocking set (rock 'n roll band. Can only be rocking), we had to strike everything and I packed my kit and the PA in my car and I went home to drop the PA and my kick drum off. I put some shorts on, changed my hoodie, had a candy apricot vibe, got in my car and headed to R.O.A.R for V.O.L's gig.

I got there as Pariah Born just finished their set where the drummer threw his cymbals all over the place out of anger. Dismantling the Architects (Kev's other band which kicks maximum ass) played after them. Got to bump into old buddies, had cool chats, was told about a surprisingly great response of my drum workshop by the owner of Paul Bothners (YAY!!!) and was in a rather chipper mood. Not bad vibes from me at all. Even Jon said something about it. Miggs was Miggs, too cool and slick for school.

Now, our turn. Started setting up and Niel was helpful as ever. He is a legend and if I ever had to pick an engineer to tour with me (if I ever make it "big"), it would be Niel! He kicks ass on drums too. ANYWAY! We started, and I haven't played that hard since I was about 23. It was mental! Kev set a rad vibe on stage and the crowd actually grew during our set instead of thinning out. Which was AWESOME! But holy crap! I was sweating though, I even drank the rest of Kev's Hunters jug! Serious cottonmouth.

We finished. Packed my shit, said my cheerios and headed home where I proceeded to fight the wind again in getting my gear inside, got in the bath and here I am! Throbbing head, turning stomach and visions of spewing chunks all over my gorgeous mac!

And it feels good.

PS: Excuse the spelling and grammar and whatever. Too tired to even proof read. Not that I proof read anyway. My fingers hurt.

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