Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crazy Cats, Cow Fleece

Dug up an old photo the other day that may be of interest to the new peoples in the back - yes, you that just walked in. That is, those who wonder what the hell we mean when we say “Crazy Cats”.

Here's a shot of Frank, what looks like Matt on drugs (he's not on drugs but you couldn't photoshop that face), Mayra looking like she's giving me a drag of that cigarette, and me in my cow fleece. Yes, cow fleece. Life was good. Cow fleece.


Carolyn said...

i took that. me. photographer to the rich and famous (and i think it's technically called 'Dairy Farm Camo...)

Mayra said...

How i miss those days...sigh!

Bryn said...

Holy crap. Crazy Cats.

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