Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Kinda White Christmas (Funkyzeit mit Weisses)

Martiza Kruger (Mercury), Sean Wienand (Headline Artists),
Psycho Xmas Art, George vd Spuy (Taxi Violence)

It always seemed to me that the White Guys' friends had funky dance routines. Even back in the Crazy Cats days people were a lot more carefree when it came to being out at night and letting their hair down.

These days there's just a little more carefully considered 'watching' going on. You're watching them, they're watching you, everybody's watching each other. Maybe we're older now and we like to watch. Hey don't get me wrong: We still have a good time. And at Kinda White Xmas this year it was all good.

I think it was also the line in the proverbial beach sand. Whereas the the launch period is really a test period for seeing what we can do and where we should tighten up, Kinda White Xmas is kinda the end of that. And I think the work the band put in in the weeks leading up to it really shows.

Must... remember... to.. not... drink.. coffee... before... show...

The White Guys are back. The new year is already under way for us. There will be blood. Or sweat. Or something.

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